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  1. Hi Miya…. Saw a picture of you today holding a little child! I know that those children love you and your sweet smile and heart! Guess what? This morning in our church service there was a Korean Children’s choir and wow they did an awesome job! I know you would have enjoyed hearing and seeing them too! Love and hugs and lots of prayers, GrandmaK


  2. Hi Miya,
    I’m sure you are having a great time loving on all those babies and children. They are probably so happy with how beautifully you can paint their nails and braid their hair. That is a special talent you have that God can use. Too bad you can’t bake cupcakes down there but someday I’m sure He will use your baking talent as well. Grandpa and I are praying that you won’t get sick. Love, Grandma L


    • I love playing with the kids and babies! There is an orphanage right by our base camp, so we all get to play and hang out with the babies. It’s so much fun! I loved painting their nails, too! Except for one day we lost the nail polish so I couldn’t paint nails 😦 Love you guys! 🙂


  3. Hi Miya…. thinking of you and praying so hard that you do not get this sickness your Mom and Cole have experienced. So many are praying for you. Keep giving away those sweet smiles of yours!
    Love and hugs and tons of prayers…
    ~Grandma K~


    • Today we were finishing the houses we are building, and I started not to feel good. My stomach started to hurt after about 20 minutes of working, so our leader took me back to our base camp. I never threw up but my stomach was hurting. Thankfully I am feeling much better but I still have a little stomach ache. Love you so much!


  4. Today I wasn’t feeling very well 😦 I ended up missing pretty much the whole day of working and painting. I was so sad that I missed all of it! Today everyone put the stucco on the outside, painted the inside, and added decorations. I’m feeling a little better right now, so hopefully I will be able to go to the houses tomorrow. Tomorrow we are dedicating the house to the family, so there won’t be much physical activity.

    Building the houses was NOT very hard. Even I could do it! 🙂 I really enjoyed building! It is so AMAZING here, and I can’t wait to show you guys pictures!

    Also, please pray for my dad! My dad is sick and not feeling good. 😦 Please pray for our team, so no more sickness will spread. We are thinking that the flu is spreading around, so please pray!


  5. Hi Miya…. I am so happy that you have not gotten the flu…. What a special blessing for both you and Trey to have experienced all the days with the teams! We are still praying for no more sickness in the team!

    I bet you had fun painting? So anxious to hear all the stories and see the pictures!
    Love and prayers,


    • The day that I wasn’t feeling good was the day that we stucco-ed the outside of the house and painted the inside. 😦 So I had to miss that day 😦 But today we dedicated the houses to the families, and my team let me add some decorations 🙂 I painted some pink hearts on the wall and everyone got to sign, too! Dedicating the houses today was so cool! The house that my team built was for a widow named Maria, who is 97 years old! It was sad because she can’t hear. 😦 So she never got to except Jesus into her heart. What’s cool is that Maria has a son named Juan. And Juan was supposed to get the house built for him, but he decided to give it to his mom, Maria, instead! 🙂 Today we were all out of our comfort zones, but it was still an amazing experience! I love you so much! Hope you are having a good time back in Michigan! ( Are you taking care of Bella?)

      Love ya!


  6. Yes, I am being a good grandma to Bella…. *smile* she has been pretty good too but misses you all very much… I think I might bore her a bit!

    I am glad you got to add some hearts…and it sounds like even though you might have been out of your comfort zone you sound like it was a great experience. One lady wrote that the entire team works well together and that might be why Satan is trying to get you all sick…but he will see you are keeping a good spirit in spite of the sicknesses so maybe he will just give up!

    Tomorrow should be a fun day in the town! Enjoy! Love you!
    ~grandma K~


    • 😀 Yes… another one is sick and throwing up. 😦 We’re having emails sent out all over for people to keep on praying for us. I’m so excited for tomorrow! We are going to Antigua to go shopping and eat at McDonalds 😀 for a few hours!

      Love you lots!


  7. Miya,
    I’m so happy that you got to at least do a little decorating. It’s sad that you couldn’t help yesterday because you are so good at that. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to look at my artwork on their wall but when they see your pink hearts, it will make them happy and bring back good memories of your visit. Have fun shopping tomorrow and at McDonalds. Love, Grandma L


    • 😀 Me too! I’m glad my team let me decorate too! We have to leave in 1/2 of an hour to go to Antigua! So excited! Love you lots! 🙂


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