Cole Laven


6 thoughts on “Cole Laven

  1. Hi Cole… I hear you have been able to assist with your Spanish skills! How wonderful that you are being used to help! So proud of you! Love and hugs and lots of prayers, Grandma K


  2. Hi Cole- I hear you are sick. That is no fun! Hang in there; God is using you with your ability to communicate with the people. We are praying that you will recover quickly. Love, Grandma L


  3. Hi Cole…. I sure am sorry you got sick and that it didn’t go away as quickly as your Mom’s did. We all are praying and praying for you all! Hang in there…and I know you will have fun at the building sites…we just gotta get you feeling better first!
    Love and hugs and tons of prayers….


  4. Cole, I hope you are totally recovered from that awful flu that put you down for two days. But I’m sure the days you were able to go were very special. Now have a great time tomorrow with the team and for the next 3 days with your family. We will keep praying that all goes well. Tomorrow we are having 5 big trees cut down before they fall on our house or someone else’s house. So grandpa is keeping very busy. Our first renters for the cabin come on Friday. Love you,
    Grandma L


    • Sorry for not responding, I didn’t get on the computers until today. Thankfully I have pretty much fully recovered and although I missed the 2 building days, I was able to be part of the dedication day where we get the house family members to come to Christ. Today we head off to Antigua and I get to have my first burger since I left!
      Thanks for thinking of me Grandmas and Grandpa


  5. Hi Cole… I sure am sorry that you have to deal with Elijah Kauffman. I hope that you start to drift away from him, by maybe ignoring him? I don’t know personally but you sure seem to be struggling. If I can help in any way please feel free to ask.
    Gran with a Pan


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