Christine Sikora

Long but rewarding day, today we played with kids, I took lots of photos, braided hair, painted nails, spent time holding some sweet babys in a village. It took about 3 1/2 hours driving on roads that no regular vehicle could make it through. It was a very bumpy ride. We passed out about 15,000 dollars worth of medicine to the people. The people then watched the Jesus Film we sang as a group some gave their testimonys and the pastor preached and gave a alter call 85% of the people came forward to recieve Christ! It was amazing. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. Me and Star are doing great, I am very exhausted! If everyone could pray for my tooth it has been flaring up and been painful at nights. Love you all! Goodnight!


I will start with yesterday We woke about 8:30 and found Jeniffer on the floor in bathroom she had been sick most of the night. Dan who runs the base gave her some medicine and we prayed over her and by devotion time she was feeling better enough to come to the village with us. We went to a village where 40 years ago during the civil war people came in and killed most men and boys. This village took a long time for dan and his team to build up trust to allow us in. Dan has built 40 homes in this village over several years and set up medical clinic there once 2 years ago. Dan is looking to plant a church there and was looking for confirmation from God that he should proceed with purchasing land and planting a church. In the previous village there was a pastor with about 14 members in his church. He has no formal training just feels called to preach Gods word. After our visit he signed up to recieve  training from Dan over the next 2 years. So the village we went to today has no pastor. We had to travel only 40 min to get to this village and as soon as we pulled up the women came to embrace us. We unloaded the van and  set up medical clinic. Carmen taught me how to do “control” in clinic since at previous village I played with kids all day. In medical clinic Dan and 2 nurses talk to the people, mark on a sheet what medicine they need and pass the sheet down a line to 6 of my team members. Each team member has a few totes with different medicine. They fill a bag with the selected medicine then the bag was passed to me to double check the sheet against the medicine. I then passed the bag to Anya or Daniel and they explained the medicine to the people. We also tested them for glasses. This village was much smaller and cleaner than the first. It only took 1 1/2 hours or so to get everyone through. Since Dan has been to this village before they have already seen the Jesus film and watched another movie about turning their lives over to Christ. We ate sandwichs but I did not eat one because the day before when I ate one my tummy was not to happy with me. I ate a bag of nuts and granola bar and felt great.We mixed in with the people and I held a really cute baby. This time as I joined the people I did not feel as connected with them as i spent all day in clinic not playing. I was praying for God to open my heart and pour his love out on them. It started raining and the building we were in had a steel roof so you could not hear the movie very well. Our team prayed hard for God to hold back the rain and it rained on and off for a bit till it finally stopped. The movie seemed sooooo long but eventually ended and Dan called us up to sing. Many villagers recorded us on their cell phones. Dan called for testimonies and Julian went first, I shared after him a portion of my testimony about my dad going to jail. I was so nervous and I cried. Rachel gave hers then anya and finally Patti. We then mixed back in with the people. Pablo gave the message and we had prayed over him as he was nervous as well. Dan had told us the people in this village would be hard to move toward Christ and encouraged us to give everything we had. The alter call was given and it took about 20 min everyone except about 5 or so came to Christ! We did not have enough room in the building! People were kneeling down surrendering to God all the way out the door. I could feel the presence of God descend and surround breaking chains and filling their hearts. It was amazing!! We passed out bibles, hugged them and took photos with them and then started packing up to leave. In the van on out trip back to base Cole started throwing up in the back seat of the van. By the time we got to base several people were feeling sick. dan got meds out and several took it. Star woke me up in the night feeling sick and i got her some medicine. She felt better by morning. My tooth continues to progressively get worse and I had to take IBprofen twice last night. For the first time I did not sleep well and woke this morning sick. Patti our team leader was also vomiting all night and cole is still recovering. Dan says its a flu. The sick People had to stay at base all day today. Please pray against this sickness. Patti  was saying our team is so connected and there has been no issues whatsoever that Satan is coming against us with sickness. I was able to spend time writing this because I am stuck at base with nothing to do. I love you all and hope you are all well.


Hello! Just had to give a Praise Report! My tooth has settled down a bit I have not had to take medicine for it for the last two nights. Please continue to pray for the health of our team every day a few people have to stay back with being sick.


10 thoughts on “Christine Sikora

  1. Just wanted to say hi. Me and the kids miss you. Its going good here so far. Friday was fun Rain, True, and I went to go see Dory and half way through the movie True throw up like a 2 gallons of who knows what all over me and Rain. We ran out to the bathroom to wash it off but it was all over and we stunk like vomit. I pretty sure we ruined the movie for everybody because the whole theater stunk and of course we left without see the rest of the movie. When we got home we where taking baths and the power went out. Lucky we had enough hot water to finish. Hope all is going well. Praying for you. Love you!


  2. Hi Chistine and Star. I am praying for you all. (And the team) We went to Hunan tonight and the fortune cookie said “You are bright, so let your light show” I am passing this message on to you and claiming it for you. Hugs and blessings, Mom

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  3. Hello Lily, brook, Elijah, and my mom came out to visit us today. Mel and her kids are coming tomorrow which the kids are looking forward to. Trues sleeping in the tent and Owen and rain are on the playground. I’m just sitting by the fire. How are you doing? Miss you and love you. Tell Star I said hi also.

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    • Hi ! sounds like you are having fun.Its nice everyone is coming to visit. We are good, people on our team keep getting sick and having to stay back. Today was dedication day, we prayed over the houses and everyone in every house we built came to Christ! It was soooo amazing. we gave the family we built for a suitcase of gifts and they heard the message and then recieved Christ! I was crying the whole time. I could feel the joy and love radiating from the family. The papa had asked me the day before for my tennis shoes, I guess he really liked them. I gave them to him at the end of the day. All the ladys laughed so hard every time I laughed. They think my laugh is funny. We brought them a childs chair which will fit them all cause they are so small and they asked me to sit. I shook my head no, make motions of big and tall and crashing to the ground. That had them roaring in laughter. Also my hand are so big, bigger than even the men and they had fun comparing them. I miss you. Please tell everyone I love them. Seth- I can’t wait till you and Owen get to experience this. Its Amazing!!!


  4. We are praying for God to heal, protect and strengthen you and the whole team. We miss you and love you! Thankful to hear the news about so many responding to Christ! Praise the Lord.

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