House Building Day 3

Today we blessed the families with gifts like toys for the kids, kitchen utensils, wash cloths, makeup, lotion, mats, and storage containers. We took pictures of the families and of teams with the families on a poloriod camera and hung them inside the houses. Hermano Jesus and Pablo, our pastors, came to give a message to each of the families while team members stood outside the houses and laid hands on the walls to pray that they would come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Every family member in each of the houses accepted which is truly a miracle from God! As always, we took pictures of the kids, played with them, and handed out dulces. Tomorrow will be bittersweet as we spend our last day in Antigua, and later coming back to the base for one last night of devotions before we head out to the airport!

Just a reminder that we will arrive back in Grand Rapids around 10:30am 🙂

please keep praying for us as two more team members have fallen sick again today. We hope to have a 100% day tomorrow for our last day.

love you all!


House Building Day Two

Today we went and finished up our houses, getting the final dry wall mud dried and sanded, securing the roof, applying stucco, painting the interior of the houses, and bringing in furniture, decorations, and painting scripture verses on the walls. The families and village children loved coming to see the paintings and how the house was coming along. Tomorrow will be dedication day, when we come to bring gifts to the family and officially give them their home.

Please still pray for our team as two more fell sick today. All are feeling better now, but we pray that it ends here, and we can finish out our last two days in Guatemala strong!

Love and miss you all!